Lo: I can write a description of the day of the dead festival

As the light slowly brightened I trudged to the  graveyard.  As I was walking to the graveyard . I could her people walking they kept coming closer and closer an I kept being terrified and I’m scared that someone’s going to catch me.  I was astonished with what they said  I saw a scale woman and a scale  man saying  that their son we love being dead and we’re celebrating  I saw them with candles and food in their hand. There was colourful skulls and clothes and people dressed up as skeletons. I could not believe my eyes I thought they were tricking my eyes of cause it’s so colourful. My mouth dropped with the decorations and food the chili looked so spicy that the first thing that came to my mind was spicy. It was the opposite of Halloween back in the UK. The music was soothing and the dancing was amazing and mystical man was there and everyone dancing would not stop dancing . Everyone gave it there all all day lone and there was a couples dance it was so amazing in Mexico. Everyone dancing had a Latin limeade.